General Maths Sites

These sites cover a variety of strands and stage levels within the Mathematics syllabus.

Thousands of interactives and IWB lessons for each strand and each stage. Teachers can create accounts and set up
student accounts to keep track of progress.
Stacks of activities for all grades and strands.
Many numeracy interactives which are ideal for the IWB for Kindergarten through to Yr6.
Play against others to improve your number operation skills.
Free fun maths games. Teachers can set up class accounts for free also.
Games can be played for free in lite version form. Create a school account and make logins for students to play full versions.
Number Nut
A whole heap of activities based on a wide variety of number concepts. Suitable for all ages.
Starter of the Day
This site contains a maths activity for every day of the year. Promotes problem solving skills.
Gymnasium For The Brain
Contains puzzles, patterns and speed maths activities to sharpen the brain.
A fantastic website with loads of open ended problems for students to solve and then send in their solutions. New problems are posted every month and often take on a theme.
Maths Frame
A UK site with stacks of resources for all strands and stages.
Buzz Math
Create a class account for free. Students can independently attempt a variety of tasks in different stages and be given
instant feedback.
Maths Links
A collation of useful maths links. There's also a link to activities suitable for use as starters to your maths lessons.
Contains math investigations and interactive games.
Maths Pickle
Videos to help develop deeper understandings of mathematical content. K-12
Carrot Sticks
A social way to improve your maths skills. Is available for free during school hours.
Cool Maths
Lots of games, activities and puzzles.
Maths is Fun
Contains demonstrations and interactive explanations of mathematical concepts.
Thinking Blocks
Thinking Blocks is a suite of learning tools designed to help students solve math word problems accurately and efficiently. Using brightly coloured blocks, students model mathematical relationships and identify known and unknown quantities.
Terrific quick ignition activities for the start of your maths lesson.
Greg Tang Maths
Interactive maths books, games, downloadable and printable, plus interactive games for mental computation