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Outcomes & Indicators
Early Stage One
SGES1.3: Uses everyday language to describe position and give and follow simple directions.
Key ideas:
  • Give and follow simple directions.
  • Use everyday language to describe position.
Stage One
SGS1.3: Represents the position of objects using models and drawings and describes using everyday language.
Key ideas:
  • Represent the position of objects using models and drawings.
  • Describe the position of objects using everyday language including 'left' and 'right'.
Stage Two
SGS2.3: Uses simple maps and grids to represent position and follow routes.
Key ideas:
  • Use simple maps and grids to represent position and show routes.
  • Determine the positions N, S, E and W; NE, NW, SE and SW given one of the directions.
  • Describe the location of an object on a simple map using coordinates or directions.
Stage Three
SGS3.3: Uses a variety of mapping skills.
Key ideas:
  • Interpret scales on maps and plans.
  • Make simple calculations using scale.

Interactive Activities
Dino DigDinodigBUT.png
Pirates Maps & TrapsPiratesBUT.png

Tumbletown BoundTumbletownBUT.png
Go George GoGoGeorgeBUT.png
Treasure HunttreasureBUT.jpg

Compass Points & Grid ReferencescompassBUT.jpg
Mole MazeMoleBUT.jpg
Position & TurningPositionBUT_.png

Billy BugBillybug1BUT_.png
Billy Bug 2BillyBug2BUT.png
Spaceboy to the rescuepostionspaceboy.png

Locate the Alienspostionaliens.png
Missing Pod (N,S,E,W)position_virusBUT.png
Defend the Grid

Homer's Donutshomerscoords.png
Multiplayer Battleship

Smart Notebook Lessons

..................... Files ........................

This file serves to introduce Stage 1 students to basic positional vocabulary.

Set out as the file above, introduced and reinforces the basic positional words.

As above.

This file introduces grid positioning to Stage 1 students who need extension. The file coveres the use of grid
coordinates and also the use of a compass to determine direction.

This file is similar to the one above but contains additional activities related to grid referencing and introduces
compass points and provides some birds eye view maps to discuss directions.

Roll the dice, plot the points, be first to get 4 in a row!

iPad Apps