Whole Number

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Outcomes & Indicators
Early Stage One .........................................................................................................
NES1.1: Counts to 30, and orders, reads and represents numbers in the range 0-20
  • Count forwards to 30, from a given number
  • Count backwards from a given number, in the range 0 to 20
  • Compare, order, read and represent numbers to at least 20
  • Read and use the ordinal names to at least ‘tenth’
  • Use the language of money
Stage One
NS1.1: Counts, orders, reads and represents two and three digit numbers.
  • Count forwards and backwards by ones, twos and fives
  • Count forwards and backwards by tens, on and off the decade
  • Read, order and represent two- and three-digit numbers
  • Read and use the ordinal names to at least ‘thirty-first’
  • Sort, order and count money using face value
Stage Two
NS2.1: Counts, orders, reads and records numbers up to four digits.
  • Count forwards and backwards by tens or hundreds, on and off the decade
  • Use place value to read, represent and order numbers up to four digits
  • Money concepts are developed further in Fractions and Decimals
Stage Three
NS3.1: Orders, reads and writes numbers of any size.
  • Identify differences between Roman and Hindu-Arabic counting systems
  • Read, write and order numbers of any size using place value
  • Record numbers in expanded notation
  • Recognise the location of negative numbers in relation to zero
  • Money concepts are developed further in Fractions and Decimals

Interactive Activities

Teddy Count
Guess My Number #1
Guess My Number #2 (S1)
Interactive Number Line
Ordinal Numbers - Stage 1
Odd or Even
More or Less
Greater Than - Less Than
Greater or Less Gumballs
Place Value
Partitioning Numbers
Base Ten
Base Ten #2
Make Ten
Add 10
Lifeguard Place value
Number Sort K -6
Caterpillar Number Sort K-6
Whole Number Sequences
Interactive Number Square
Numberline placement
Estimating on a numberline
Reading number words
Higher or Lower & ordering (S1)
Mystery Number (S3)
Greatest Game (S1-2)
Block Basher (S1-2)
Gingerbread Ordering
Caterpillar Order & Sequence
Ladybug Counting (ES1)
Ordering Measurements
Order the numbers (negatives inc)

Smart Notebook Lessons


An ES1 notebook for introducing double digit numbers.

Brief introduction for counting backwards. Fill in missing numbers. ES1 - S1

Forward number skills notebook file from Best Start website. ES1

Introduces counting by 5's. Stage1

Using a hundreds chart, students have opportunities to fill in missing numbers using their knowledge of place value.

A massive 70 page file with stacks of activities on place value.

Ordering numbers. Focuses mainly on two and three digit numbers and finishes with some 4 digit number activities.

A notebook for explaining how to round to the nearest ten, complete with some exercises. Stage1-2

A one page file with a fun game for the class to play against the teacher. Teacher clicks on random number generator and then the students roll the dice to make their 3 digit number. Use tally marks to record who has the largest number.

A notebook explaining how to round to the nearest whole number, with examples and exercises. Stage 3

Covers place value, expanded notation and great than and less than concepts. Stage 2.

A nice simple introduction to rounding numbers to the nearest 10.

An empty notebook file with images of all Australian coins and notes in the gallery ready for you to use. ES1-S3

A notebook file with coins and notes and questions to do with Australian currency designed for Stage 2 and downloaded from edutech.

Use MAB Blocks to demosntrate knowledge of place value. S2

As above with slightly harder questions. S2

iPad Apps

FREE - $0.99
Counting BearThis app is ideal for introducing beginning counting skills. Students count objects up to 20 and learn to recognise numbers. The app is also customisable so that you can add your own voice and pictures. ES1
Free Counting GameA simple way of allowing students to practice their counting skills. Count the objects (you can select up to 5, 10 or 20 objects) and click on the matching number. ES1
FREE - $3.99
123 ColourA paint by numbers activity. Choose to use a 10 or 30 colour palette. There are stacks of themes and pictures to choose from. This app regularly goes on special and occasionally is available for free so keep your eye out. ES1
Maths Adventures: Number Find LiteTap a square, reveal a number, work out the pattern, and find the numbers on the board under the time limit. Great for developing an understanding of place value using the hundreds chart.Choose easy or advanced. In advanced the board orientation changes. S1-3
FREE - $1.99
Monster Squeeze Everyday MathematicsThis game reinforces number recognition and offers a quick and easy way to practice number line concepts and number comparisons.Players take turns finding the secret number on a number line. In each round, the monster designates a secret number on a number line. Players try to guess this number by clicking one of the numbers. If the number chosen is larger than the secret number, that number and all larger numbers on the number line are covered by the monster. If the number chosen is smaller than the secret number, that number and all smaller numbers on the number line are covered by the monster. Players take turns clicking numbers until one of them identifies the secret number and wins the round.
Dice MatchA fun game where you need to find the same number and swipe across them to eliminate them. You can link them vertically, horizontally and diagonally. A fun way to become familiar with dice faces and is also a great strategy game when trying to get the highest score.
Find 50Find50 is a great traditional Chinese training game for students to improve your ability of fast reading, fast finding and fast thinking!
When the game starts, the numbers will be put on the screen randomly. Your task is to find all the numbers one by one in order from 1, 2, ... to 50.
Dot to Dot liteUsing dot-to-dot puzzles, DotToDot numbers and letters teaches the sequence of numbers and letters by creating puzzles of dots that kids can’t wait to join up! You can set the age of the child to adjust the difficulty settings. 8 puzzles available in the free version. ES1-S1
FREE - $0.99
Sammy Squirrel and the Haunted NumbersA memory style game where students match the number with the picture with the same number of objects. Play against the clock or there's even a 2 player mode. There is also a pop quiz feature where students listen to a number and then click on the correct number picture. ES1
FREE - $0.99
Pamela Possum Counting in ParisSame activities as Sammy Squirrel just with a different theme. ES1
WishballChallenge your understanding of place value in whole numbers and decimal fractions, from 0.001 to 9999. Either add or subtract numbers to reach a target number. For example, receive a starting number of 39.61. Spin the number 5 and decide whether to add or subtract 0.05, 0.5, 5 or 50 to reach your target number of 70.12 within 20 turns. Use the ‘Wishball’ to select your final digit. Try to reach the target in as few turns as possible. S3.
Tiny Chicken Learns Rounding Numbers

Tiny Chicken Learns Rounding Numbers - Tiny Chicken needs to open a vault to remove some documents but it is protected by a secret combination which can only be unlocked if he knows how to round numbers correctly. Clues are given at each level and Tiny needs to use these clues to determine the combination of the safe to get it open. The game uses interesting mechanics to help children practice rounding numbers to the tenth, hundredth, thousandth and ten-thousandth places.
Ninja Chicken - Tiny Chicken Learns Prime NumbersThis game provides an engaging and addictive interface to help children identify prime and composite numbers.
Various bombs are thrown at the screen with a number displayed on it. The player is required to slash the composite numbers - but leave the prime numbers alone.